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I am the terror that flaps in the night - new political poem

Jun. 25th, 2007

03:32 pm - new political poem

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Why do we stay?

Learning seventh grade civics
My student Alex
Asks why we went to Iraq.
I shrug my shoulders,
We thought they had nuclear
Weapons, or might soon.
He asks, "Did they?" No, I say.
"Then why do we stay?"

Terrorists did bomb New York,
They proved that they can.
"The terrorists from Iraq?"
No, Afghanistan;
They are two different places.
"You mean we based this
War on a mistake?"
Yes, I say.
"Then why do we stay?"

After Nine-One-One’s events,
We need to prevent
Terrorists from bombing us.
He asks, "Did Iraq bomb us?"
No, but they might. Well,
They did pay to bomb Israel.
"Did we stop that?" No, I say.
"Then why do we stay"?

To capture Saddam Hussein,
End his bloody reign,
Free the people of those lands
To seek their own ends.
Alex asks, "Is Iraq free?
Can they decide their
own destiny?"
Yes, I say.
"Then why do we stay?"

Terrorists have gone to war.
"Were they there before we came?"
No, they came later
They plan to follow
Us home and attack us here.
"The war stopped them?" No,
They are coming anyway.
"Then why do we stay?"

Soldiers fighting over there
Can’t protect us here."

Alex, you’re Conservative,
Why change your view?
"The war ended years ago
And we hate Bush too.
If he’s not dumb or crazy

Then why do we stay?"

Maybe for petrol, money,
Political sway,
Religious conviction or
Just to get his way,
But shouldn’t Conservatives
Guard their leader? "No,"
Alex huffs, "he is not my
Leader anymore."

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